New Readers, What does upset Pro's???

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What does upset Pro's in this news group when i say that wireless
alarm systems are unreliable during Radio Frequency Interferences
(RFI) ?

Well look at theyre childish answers (instead of providing
professional arguments) they try to ridicule, mono-bit/mono-lingual
persons language battle, they tell you everything, the most stupid
first, ..
 Usual "low level electrician behavior" who think they have to battle
to defend theyre position.
Look around when you are in the industry, fighting is a typical
attitude of the "lower education class persons".

muzzle the receivers of theyre receiver concept contained in theyre
wireless alarm systems.
Why do manufacturers not provide data about the main difference
between wired and wireless: the wireless data about the loop between
sensors and the control panel ?
Because it can't be resolved in the actual FCC allowed SHARED
FREQUENCIES who oblige them to use those.
Space is crowded with other users, limited in band with, used free
without interference warranty....

Now the pro's tend to let you  believe that there is a RFI detection
circuit, its in fact a sensor malfunction control and it don't resolve
the RFI problem.
Well it don't, the receiver is still muzzled and the alarm system
don't provide any valid output data to tell that an intruder is
present and detected.

Its now since 4 years that I first mentioned that:
-  Wireless Alarm Systems are UNRELIABLE during
    Radio Frequency Interferences (RFI);
-  Theyre is no warning that the system is muzzled to dead.

Finally "so called" Pro's come to the conclusion:
1. RFI exist, interfere and can't be avoided;
2. There is a RFI detection circuit in the "modern" wireless
   alarm systems (???);
3. The wireless alarm systems are working fine, no RFI detected
   since 20+ years and 100000+ systems;
4. They have no RFI reliability measurement tools except theyre
   on site experience;
5. There is no manufacturer support about that RFI subject.

Even if a "unsupported by manufacturers" RFI detection exist(?) its
strange that they have NO RFI alert/warnings.

How is it possible that they are so Unprofessional. Why do they not
call the manufacturers to support the wireless equipment RFI weak


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