napco magnum alert: keyboard bip every day in the same time

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I have Napco alaram with keyboard " Magnum Alert".
everyday at 11:00 am the keyboard bip and flushing lights( aremd, baypass and
status) and the display show "2" and "3" .
(i press the RESET key to stop it every day)
Any suggestions to resolve this indication?


Re: napco magnum alert: keyboard bip every day in the same time
On Sunday, November 9, 2014 11:38:00 AM UTC-5, Zohar wrote:
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Quoted text here. Click to load it
Sounds as if the system might be programmed for daily check in to central s
tation and it's not getting through. Here's the key. when the three lights  
are flashing and a #1 shows on the keypad it indicates an AC power loss. Fl
ashing lites and a #2 indicates a low battery and a #3 indicates a communic
ation failure. ie.1 = A= AC fail/// 2 = B = Battery low /// 3 = C
 = Communication fail.  
HOWEVER .... pressing the reset key should only remove the flashing lites a
nd numbers temporarily. It should re-appear after a few minutes. Check your
 phone line going to the alarm panel and to check the battery, close all op
en zones. When you have a system ready condition, press and hold key #1. Th
e siren should blow for a few seconds and then stop. If the battery is bad  
the three lights should begin flashing along with a number 2 in the display
. Change the battery. If it's followed by showing a  #3, it means that the  
system isn't getting through to central station. Reset the system. Arm it a
nd fault a zone. Trip the system, so that the siren sounds. Wait a bit to s
ee if central calls. If not check your phone lines.  

If you're not connected to central station , apparently your alarm system i
s programmed to report to central. If you have access to dealer programming
, remove the central station reporting information. If you don't have acces
s to programming, you'll have to see if an alarm technician can gain access
 to programing to deprogram central station reporting. Otherwise you'll hav
e to live with the problem.

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