Multi partition alarm panel

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Anyone know of a commercial control panel with at least 10 partitions?



Re: Multi partition alarm panel

On 9/24/2019 11:07 AM, doug wrote:
 > Anyone know of a commercial control panel with at least 10 partitions?
 > Doug

Why 10 partitions?  8 is most the most I know of off hand, but the  
Continental control system allowed for linking multiple systems for  
cross panel management.  I never used it.  I always managed to get by  
with the X255 Napco panel.

A trick I have seen used on panels that allow you to assign all the  
codes they would just give multiple panels on a single site the same  
account number, but change all the zone codes so as to be a  
non-conflict.  If they got a trouble code that was not settable they had  
to go to all the buildings to find the trouble, but they had their own  
alarm staff (one of my ex employees and another guy with similar  
training).  The zone description at the central station included the  
build number and the zone description.

Zone 87 = Bldg 207 Front Door.

Some older panels allow you to assign your own reporting codes for  

Re: Multi partition alarm panel
On Tuesday, September 24, 2019 at 7:32:01 PM UTC-5, Bob La Londe wrote:
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Bob no offense but I hate it when people do that, programming several panels with the same account number always ends up being a pain to troubleshoot later especially when the original installer is long gone.  

It may work with you but it doesn't with me. I'd much rather each panel have individual account numbers  

Re: Multi partition alarm panel
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Currently customer has a DSC 1864 (max 8 partitions) and two DSC 1616 (max 2  
partitions each)
They are using 7 partitions on the 1864, 2 on one of the 1616's and 1 on the  
other 1616.- Total 10
They are on one account number, the 1864 and one of the 1616's are  
communicating using contact ID with non overlapping zones (caller ID  
identifies the common trouble zones) the other 1616 use's 4/2 programmed  
using non conflicting codes.
Currently using three phone lines that are going away and customer wants to  
use 1 panel and 1 cellular communicator to avoid the monthly cost of 3  
cellular communicators.
I suggested using 2 cellular units and changing one of the 1616's to a 1832  
or 1864 which would allow the existing keypads, bus devices (zone expansion  
modules, relay modules, power supplies)  to be used.
Even if a 10 partition panel could be found at a relatively low cost, the  
expense of replacing the keypads, zone expansion modules, output modules,  
power supplies and the labor to replace the EOL's (if necessary) would mean  
that it would take a long time before the monthly saving from using a single  
cell unit would outstrip the cost of replacing the systems, but the bean  
counter knows best.


Re: Multi partition alarm panel

Well, the bean counter in this case does not seem to know best.

The time involved to do all this work as well as using a new manufacturer's
 equipment, would be enormous. Keeping the existing equipment is the only n
ormal action, except for just switching the mainboard on one of the 1616 to
 a 1664. There will then be plenty of room for any possible future expansio
n, and the cost difference between a 1632 & 1664 is pittance.  

So now you need 2 radios, so what! Don't even tell the customer that there  
will be 2 separate radios, make it look seamless. Find a way to offer them  
a pricing option on the cellular, that does not seem to be double.  

His commercial phone lines are probably costing him a minimum $40 each w/ta
xes, which is why he wants that to go away.  

You can use (2) Gen4 LTE-M that will cost you $3/month each, or a GSM-mini4
G @ $2.50/month each. If you cannot hide that in your monitoring cost, then
 you are not charging enough. Central stations that use these radios, will  
allow text & emails notifications on open/close/alarms/trouble conditions i
ncluded. Cost is about $60 each for the radios.

Depending on how much interactive/notifications that you want the customer  
to have or that they require, will determine your pricing and having to swi
tch to slightly more involved radios. Alula's radios allow text, email, and
 robocall notifications at about $6.50/month.

Billy Bob

Re: Multi partition alarm panel
One more thing, Alula's radios are dual internet and cellular. All comms wi
ll be internet first, and if that portion is down, signals will be sent cel
lular. Alula is the new name of IPDatatel. Just telling the customer that h
e will now be getting dual path communications should get him hooked to pay
 even more. With email notifications, he will easily track which employees  
always arrive late & leave early.

Re: Multi partition alarm panel

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Thanks for the input, but we were never going to replace the systems, there
was always only going to be one outcome, but we just needed to show what it
would cost upfront to save a few dollars per month in cellular costs so they
can see how long it would take for the small savings per month to cover the
cost of replacing everything, which as you say would be enormous.
We don't need to bury the cellular costs in the monitoring costs or withhold
the fact that there will be more than one cellular unit.
Its just a case of the accounting department wanting to see what the options
are, even if its blindingly obvious to everyone else.
For that we just needed to itemise the costs of replacing everything versus
using a second cellular unit which is why I was trying to locate a panel
that would handle 10 partitions. I know its a no brainer but sometimes you
just have to go through the motions.


Re: Multi partition alarm panel
On Tuesday, September 24, 2019 at 1:08:08 PM UTC-5, doug wrote:
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Glue 2 Vista-128BPT's together?

Re: Multi partition alarm panel
On Wednesday, September 25, 2019 at 6:08:08 AM UTC+12, doug wrote:
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ICT Protege WX does 32 Areas.  And you can add access control as well if you want, or keep it s a burg panel.

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