More than just a CCTV system

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I'm gathering information for a story I'm working on regarding uses for
CCTV systems--other than just security.  I'd very much like to talk
with professional installers and end users who are using camera systems
for a variety of benefits--either instead of or in addition to security

Those who care to chat with me direct because of the sensitive nature
of their application are welcome to do so.

Thank you in advance.

Al Colombo


Re: More than just a CCTV system wrote:
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Nothing that I'm using but I noticed an ad the other day for a CCTV
device for people with poor vision. Small camera, mounted on a bracket
above a small moveable "table". A book or item is place on the "table"
and a magnifided image is shown on a monitor. Also, "glasses" (more
like a virtural video game head set) with small CCTV screens and
miniture cameras to help visually impared.

Ridiculously over priced. Anywhere from $1700.00 for Black and white
camera version to $2500 for color. The "glasses" were even higher.

Yeah, that's the ticket. Rip off the blind.

Quick, notify Bass, it sounds like a market he'd like.

Re: More than just a CCTV system

Thanks, I'll have to check it out.  I look at a computer monitor so
much that before it's over, I may be buying one of those systems you
described  :-).  Thanks for the heads-up!


Re: More than just a CCTV system wrote:
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Dear Al:

We use the AXIS communications LAN Cameras.  They are used for security,
but primarily to eliminate false alarms.  If you are a security dealer
or installer you are aware that the incidence of false alarms is driving
the police forces, which respond to these alarms crazy.  Everytime an
alarm occurs we check the associated cameras to insure legitimate
individuals are generating the alarm.  In large office buildings we have
reduced the false alarm incidence to zero.
We can also perform walk throughs as an additional benefit for our
customers.  I believe these systems will replace the high costs
associated with guard patrolling the facilities.
You can view our on-line demo at:
the passward is "acasdemo"
Click the left hand mouse bullon and hold. You can then select the
various video options.
To view the archives click on "xterm" then type in "cd archive/cam1"
Select any of the date archives to view the historical pictures.
Good luck in your research.
Contract me if you need further information.

Celso Lujan, President
Lujan Software Services, Inc.

Re: More than just a CCTV system
Although the subject of this particular story involves applications
other than security, it's always good to have someone to talk to :-).
I'll have to contact you when I'm doing a story that fits your
situation.  Thanks!


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