Locked myself out of Napco gemP1664 panel

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So I have a bit of a wonky issue in case a few of you here are Napco experts.  I
set up my 1664 and was troubleshooting a weird issue with the sounder and
managed to lock myself out of the system.  All keypads are now showing "out of
system" as if my jumper is set to configuration.  I can access the keypad
configuration menu as well.  But I cannot get the system back to ready state.
What I did that caused this was I had a handful of un-used zones sitting in Area
2 to avoid the constant "not ready" indication on the keypads.  I also had the
keypads set to Area 1 along with everything that was wired.  Finally got the
other zones installed so I moved them all to Area 1.  I noticed the keypads
still showed a "1" in the corner so I also removed the programming note for Area
1 in on the keypad configuration (program addresses 1425-1431).  I saw the
default for the nib was "-" so I thought the panel assumes a single area if not
specifying anything else.  Wellll... as soon as I hit reset to back out of
programming mode, all the keypads flipped to "out of system" and the system is
in a perpetual state of configuration.

I don't have a PCI-MINI so is there a way to get the system to reset itself to
active?  I've powered it down for a period of several hours but that didn't do



Re: Locked myself out of Napco gemP1664 panel
On Saturday, June 8, 2019 at 12:38:05 AM UTC-4, lay3r3 wrote:
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't do
I'm not quite sure what you've done but it sounds as if you have (maybe) co
nfigured the system to "Area 0" which doesn't exist. I think your only alte
rnative is to get a PC mini and a copy of Quickloader to get into dealer pr

Looking at the programming manual is says that ( * ) not ( - ) is default.  
So it would seem that you have programmed the keypad assignment to "nothing

Here's some things that have occurred to me that you might try that may cau
se something to change. Look at page 22 of the programming instructions reg
arding the area arming /manager's mode. Maybe you can get the keypad to swi
tch to another "area" to gain access to programming. Try some different thi
ngs. Also, try pushing keys number 1,2,3 and 4 simultaneously. This will "r
eset" the keypad. But I don't know how much of a reset it actually is. I ha
ve a feeling it won't change any of the keypad programming but that its jus
t in case the keypad gets scrambled during a power failure etc. And, what h
appens if you actually move the programming jumper? Wait. And then move it  

Again, this is unknown (to me)territory. I think ultimately you'll need the
 Quickloader software.

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