leaving next alarm for the envisalink

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Hello Everyone,

I've been mostly content with my lynx and abn from nextalarm. However  
lately the abn has been even more wonky than usual. It goes offline often  
and has to be manually reset by unplugging the unit.  

So I finally got around to ordering a vista and envisalink module.  
Shouldn't this be far more reliable? From my understanding the alarm sees  
the evisalink like a hardwired keypad? This sounds much better than the  
panel trying to dial out through a abn adapter. Everything should pay for  
itself also without the nextalarm fee.  

It surprises me that more alarms don't have all the functions of a common  
ip camera but thats still cool if you can add on a module to do it. I  
think there is a module for hooking up to a raspberry pi as well.  

Another thing that I don't get is why so many people want cameras instead  
of a alarm system? I have a small cctv setup with blue iris. It has its  
uses but I'm not sure if I will keep it going once the hardware fails. A  
single indoor cam to check on pets and such when I'm away is about all  
that I need. Our vehicle is kept in the attached garage which can be  
protected with a alarm.  

Re: leaving next alarm for the envisalink
On 11/3/2015 11:40 AM, Windesmear wrote:
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I won't go into brands, but there are better all in one units - the one  
I'm thinking of could use all your existing alarm devices and can also  
do lights, thermostats door locks as well as cameras- snapshots, not  
streaming.  The cam will snap several pics when there is an alarm or  
when you ask for one on your phone app.

That said, IMHO, using cameras in addition to alarms is just prudent.  I  
see three phases of security:

1. Keep them out.
2. Let the world know if they get in.
3. Get some pictures (video) in case they don't get caught in the act.

Cameras will not only help identify culprits and vehicles, but one small  
business owner also used the video to see where they went and it helped  
him identify missing stuff he might not have noticed.

I don't know if you've done any physical security upgrades to your house  
but there are several folks here who can offer advice on it.  You can  
pay someone for the job or you can, like all other things, DIY it if you  
are confident you can set a door properly, handle drills, hammers, pry  
bars, screwdrivers and metal saws.  Welding or a high level of metalwork  
experience isn't necessary, but always a plus.

Basically you wrap your doorway rough openings in steel and use deep  
screws and deadbolts which makes prying or kicking open the door  
difficult, if not impossible if you have a good steel door.  Window  
frames are not commonly a point of attack so I don't recommend going  
through all the hassle on your windows.

Then you ensure you have the level of electronic protection you desire,  
  You have to (Okay- technically you don't- but it's stupid not to) have  
at least one door contacted to act at the trigger for the entry delay.  
Ideally all your doors will be contacted.

The next part of the perimeter if often ignored by the homeowner - the  
windows.  Just as in your computer, windows are convenient but a  
security nightmare.  Windows usually take two devices to cover well- a  
contact sensor and a glass break sensor AND you can add wired screens if  
you want your windows open while the system is armed is since there are  
usually a whole lot of them so it can get expensive just through sheer  
volume.  The majority of folks simply opt for the less expensive network  
of motion detectors.  Place them strategically so that anyone breaking  
in will have to pass at least one of them in order to move around the  
house - while you can put a motion in every room there is a window, that  
(again) can add up pretty quick.  Thoroughly covering the common areas  
will generally do the trick -- if there is a room where you keep your  
extensive Tiffany's collection... then, yeah... put one there.

If the thieves succeed in getting in, hopefully they've set off the  
alarm and have limited time to grab what they can before the cops get  

This is called a smash and grab (or crash and smash)- they kick in a  
delay door and can comfortably figure on thirty seconds or more before  
the alarm goes out.  This gives them 30secs to grab shit, or thirty  
seconds to find the alarm panel and disable it.  The older systems would  
have the panel relatively inaccessible but, with the new all in ones,  
the important part is also the one making the noise and asking to be  
disarmed - so find one that sends out a pre-alarm.  This feature sends a  
signal to central station when any delayed zone is initially tripped.  
If the monitoring station doesn't receive any signals (either an alarm  
or a disarm) after 30secs(or whatever the entry delay is) they know the  
panel has been destroyed and will treat it as a burglar alarm.

So the cops arrive to find the thieves have vanished - good thing the  
the high quality, see in the dark type cameras surrounding the house not  
only shows the nefarious ne'er-do-wells, but their vehicle as well. With  
their pictures in the hands of the authorities you maybe have a decent  
chance of maybe getting Grampa's pocket watch back.

So you see - thinking that you don't need /that/ because you have /this/  
is not really thinking things through.

If you don't /want/ certain aspects.  That's fine, your property, your  
money and to be frank, I don't have a camera nor have I gone to the  
trouble of physically beefing up my structure - I've never laid claim to  
either prudence or intelligence. I have not made the choice to leave  
these things out because I think I don't /need/ them - it's because I  
have chosen not to include them.

I haven't discussed smoke detectors because if you are using an all in  
one panel for fire coverage I'm just gonna look at you funny and walk  
away - don't do that.

Good luck

Narcissistic control freaks always consider their perceptions and  
opinions to be obvious and true.
- Frank "Socrates"

Re: leaving next alarm for the envisalink
thank you that had some helpful information.  

As I mentioned in my first post I am installing a vista. The lynx was my  
first install. I now know better than to use a all in one however I left  
it alone because it still worked well and was away from entrances. My  
hope is that the self monitoring will be more reliable over the internet  
with the envisalink module.  

The elk security system seems a little more modern and could be  
compatible but I don't need any of the home automation features. It also  
costs a lot more.  My house already has all ademco sensors. All rooms  
with windows have glass breaks and most have contacts as well. I only  
have 1 motion sensor. I'm exploring ideas for running hardwired but don't  
want to drill a bunch of holes in my finished home. I even keep a sensor  
on the door leading to the unfinished part of our basement as a backup to  
the glass breaks on those windows.  

I do have 1 smoke. I've thought about going to the nest brand for those  
when it comes time to replace. The new models are said to be reliable and  
have a c02 detector as well. They work over your wifi.  

As for cameras. I've read forum posts from expert installers and you  
often need a good face level shot for it to hold up in court. The uk  
reported that cams are often useless and only a small percentage help  
solve crimes. I rarely review my outdoor footage anymore so I wouldn't  
even know if there was a prowler unless something was wrong. 1 or 2  
indoor cams seem to be a cost effective solution. I also prefer to keep  
them separate from my alarm as they function just fine on their own.  

Its all about having the best balance between cost, maintenance, and  
protection. I do have my side garage door reinforced. This is how I was  
broken into and seems common in this area. However it seems much more  
feasible to protect your entire house electronically than turn it into a  

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