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I installed a fair number of Digital Watchdog DVRs the last few years I  
was in the business.  One thing almost every one of them needed to work  
properly was a firmware upgrade.  None of them ever seemed to do a  
firmware upgrade easily on-line with their own utility.  I always had to  
download the upgrade onto a thumb drive.

Well a few days ago I decided I needed some more cameras on my shop.  I  
pulled a new old stock DW VMAX-A1 off a shelf and hooked it up.  After  
getting (**) the remote access setup there was a message on screen  
saying there was a firmware upgrade available and asked if I wanted to  
apply it.  "Sure, I thought.  Knock yourself out."  It worked.  First  
try.  No issues.

** DANG-IT!  I need to get ahold of Robert Chou.  IP Cam Viewer Pro does  
not support that particular DVR even though it supports other DW DVRs  
and NVRs.  I had to use DW's clunky Android Ap.  Actually its ok, but I  
have to open a separate AP to view all my cameras.  I'd much prefer to  
open just one as I did with IP Cam Viewer until I added this DVR.

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