Help troubleshooting a V3.5 PC4020 that stopped communicating

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The system has:
LCD4500 Keypad
PC4216 Low current output module
Escort4580 module
T-Link TL250 Network Internet Alarm Communicator

The entire system works perfectly fine except for communicating. The custom
er had me set up the system to email him using the T-Link. He had me set up
 the system to send emails upon arm/disarm and violation. I guess he wanted
 to track his wife's coming and going. It all worked just fine then one day
 it stopped sending emails.  

Now, the system all works just fine but it won't it won't send out via T-Li
nk. I tried switching the direction to dial out instead of going via T-Link
. It won't dial out either. I use a Magicjack for testing the system. Magic
jack worked fine as a dial tone generator in the past (the place does not h
ave phone lines). I listened in on a hand-set phone and when I put the pane
l in alarm, it doesn't pick up or try to dial.

I've been working on this system for a long time and cannot find anything t
hat's wrong with it. I'm about to start replacing parts but thought I'd ask
 you guys for help first.

Any ideas what I can check?

Thanks for your help!

Re: Help troubleshooting a V3.5 PC4020 that stopped communicating

If you have already diagnosed that the mainboard dialer is not working, the
 board is not initiating any communications, and the board communication pa
rameters (account #, telco #, format, etc) have been checked out completely
, then the only logical outcome is that the mainboard communication compone
nts have gone the way of all things on the earth- they just croaked. I am s
ure that you have powered down completely of course, just in case.

Dsc boards do get partly fried sometimes, a surge or just plain old. If you
 cannot hear the dialer clicking on the mainboard when initiating telco com
munications, it is time to replace. Just don't go to NEO when you upgrade.

Hope that helps you somehow.

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