Happy Thanksgiving

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Guy has a parrot that's really nasty so he finally decided he's going to te
ach it a lesson. He put's the parrot in the freezer. Figures he'll leave hi
m in there for a while to teach him a lesson. After 20 minutes he opens the
 freezer and the parrot flies out and wraps his wings around the guy and ap
ologizes profusely for being so nasty and promises to never be mean again.  
The guy is amazed at how quickly the parrot changed his attitude until the  
parrot asks him.  
" Oh, by the way, just what exactly did the turkey do, anyway?"

Happy Thanksgiving everyone !!!!!!

Re: Happy Thanksgiving
Thanks Jim,

You have been holding that one for just the right moment.
I would say that you actually found it.
Good JOB!!!

Happy Thanksgiving
To you and all those that look in here to see what is up!!


On 11/20/2018 7:34 PM, Jim Davis wrote:
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving
On 11/20/2018 7:41 PM, ABLE1 wrote:
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Happy Holiday to one and all.

Safe travels and warm fellowship with family and friends..

Enjoy the company of the younger ones,

(cause their paying for your retirement)


*Rocky T. Squirrel, esq.*

Re: Happy Thanksgiving
Many things to give thanks for, not the least of which are the members and  
past members of this group from whom I learned many things.  Some even  

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