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I' m trying to dl an old esprit 738 v 3.1 Everything ok when at the
first or second ring the panel answers. But if i programm panel to
answer after lets say 4 or more rings the mode does nothing.
I believe that it cannot handshake with the panel. My modem is USR
SporsterVoice 33.6 fax modem.
Any ideas about what string to use? I am using the default espload
strings for USR 14.4 fax modem

tks in advance.


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RHC: Offhand, I would say if it answers properly on the second call
after the first two rings, then there is nothing wrong (assuming it
handshakes and proceeds after that).  If you let it go past four
rings, you will have to let it go the full 8 rings or whatever
(assuming that is what you have in programming for the panel to
answer). I use the same modem for calling into the newer Paradox
panels, but I find the only modem that is truly bulletproof for use
with the older panels using the older  Espload software is the
Cardinal MX2400.

As for figuring out the calling string, good luck. That I've never
figured out.....only bypassed the need by using another modem

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Thats the best ;-) another modem ofcourse!
Also if i answer the panel with [enter]+[master code]+[away] its ok
but only at the first 2 rings.
If i programm 5 or 7 rings i.e. the modem is deaf....

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RHC: Yes, that is odd. Usually that string will force the panel to
answer at any point in the ring cycle. Bottom line, you can spend
forever trying to get this older alarm panel software to work, but
I've found it's best just to find a "work around" and go about your
business. I don't think much of the alarm software is all that well
written frankly, from any manufacturer....

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