Can I use coaxial cable to feed IP camera and convert it to Rj45 ?

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I have the existing network for analogue camera by using RG6 and it's impossible
to replace it by UTP Cat6 as the result of conduit problems. Now I would like to
replace the existing camera by explosion IP camera and the supplier informed me
that it is not available analogue type so I will by IP type but I need to use
the existing network so please advise .
Note ,
Al camera will be PTZ.

Re: Can I use coaxial cable to feed IP camera and convert it to Rj45 ?
On Sunday, December 18, 2016 at 10:38:01 AM UTC-5, My name is Mohamed Mohy  
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ow I
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Rather than trying to find an IP explosion proof camera I would suggest tha
t you look for another supplier.  

All you have to do is Google explosion proof analog cameras and you will se
e that they are, in fact, available. Now days the preferred analog type cam
era is of the "TVI" type. This is analog but at 1080P resolution over coaxi
al cable.  

If you are looking for a resolution higher than 1080P you would have to go  
to an IP camera with greater than a 3MP resolution. For this capability jus
t Google "IP camera over coaxial cable". There are converters available wit
h varying capability and pricing.  

Also, you say that you are using RG6 for your present analog cameras. This  
will work most of the time but can occasionally present problems. You shoul
d be using RG59.  

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