Can DSC 5010 trigger a custom relay or close a circuit during an alarm

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Hi.  I have a DSC 832 / 5010 panel, with about 2 dozens zones.  It's been w
orking great for years.
My setup is like this:

1. DSC 5010
2. 5 DSC4985 flood sensors around the house (dishwasher, ice maker, bathroo
m, sump pump, etc.).
3. FloodStop main water shutoff valve in furnace room next to DSC panel.
4. FloodStop is also connected to its own wired flood sensors on the furnac
e room floor, and connected to DSC panel.
5. FloodStop looks like this:

When water is detected on furnace room floor and triggers FloodStop sensor,
 FloodStop automatically shut offs main water supply, and triggers a DSC zo
ne, triggering an alarm.

If a wireless DSC 4985 sensor triggers around the house (ie. dishwasher), t
he DSC alarm sounds, but FloodStop is not affected and so the main water su
pply is not shut off.

I want to update my setup so that if any alarm or zone is triggered in the  
house (or ideally just a DSC 4985 flood zone), the DSC panel will either tr
igger a custom relay, or close a circuit.  I would use that relay/circuit t
o trigger the FloodStop sensor on the floor, and thereby shutoff the main w
ater supply.

Is there a way for me to wire a circuit off of the DSC panel that will only
 close if an alarm sounds, or specific zones are triggered?   Or is there s
ome other way to do what I am trying to do?  Which is effectively have the  
wireless DSC 4985s trigger my FloodStop main water  
 line shutoff valve.

Thanks, -Glen.

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