Are alarm companies trying to get rid of 3rd party monitoring and hobby installers?

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I'm just a hobby installer and have only used honeywell stuff.
I was reading up on the new lyric system. Apparently you need to be  
setup through alarmnet 360 to even program the thing.

It seems dsc and honeywell are both locking down their systems. I've  
heard even the keypad bus on the dsc panels are encrypted so you cant  
use a 3rd party device like the envisalink. The lyric fwir doesn't even  
have a bell output. Thats flippin ridiculous. Probably to prevent  
someone from using a relay for self monitoring?

I would guess they are also going to lock down future hardwired panels  
like the vista? I would have liked to upgrade to the new six sensors but  
doubt they are ever going to release a receiver for the vista.

It seems they really HATE it when people self monitor and not for the  
right reasons.

I like having a robust alarm system and may end up with a elk panel  
since they seem to be less locked down. I'm also planning to use more  
hardwired sensors so I'm not locked into a proprietary mess.

Many people are switching to ipcamera systems that don't want monthly  
monitoring fee's. With blue iris you can set up different profiles and  
alerts to mimic turning on and off a alarm. Also some cameras now have  
alarm inputs as well that you can hook whatever kind of alarm sensor you  
want up to.

Re: Are alarm companies trying to get rid of 3rd party monitoring and hobby installers?
Please define what a hobby installer is. Do you install security systems in
 your home just for the fun of it, or perhaps you change them out from time
 to time to see what it would be like for your home?

Or, do you install your 'hobby' systems in other people's homes?

If it is in other people's homes, you are not a hobby installer, but simply
 an unlicensed person who does not appear to know that much at this time.

Do you charge others for your hobby? If so, then you are probably going aga
inst the law of the land also.

A licensed security installer takes upon himself or herself the responsibil
ity of protecting a home or a business correctly and efficiently.  

It is nice that you are interested, but I sure do hope that you are not ins
talling for anyone other than yourself.

Just because you know something about them does not make you an installer/t
echnician. Perhaps you should consider working for someone in the field tha
t is licensed and then you would learn all the responsibilities involved in
 the industry ...and the knowledge will come all by itself over the years.

Re: Are alarm companies trying to get rid of 3rd party monitoring and hobby installers?
On 2/18/2017 10:44 PM, E DAWSON wrote:
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Not to take away from your reply, Bro. Dawson..
But according to my accountant and the IRS,
if your self-employed  and do not make a profit
for x number of years, your employment is considered a Hobby..
Least wise that's what they been telling me for the last 40 years...

from the desk of:
*Richard Phillips, FAR-601
Kentucky Security
Providence - Madisonville - Nortonville
* (age before beauty, that means I go first)

Re: Are alarm companies trying to get rid of 3rd party monitoring and hobby installers?
Only for myself and close family. Didn't charge them a penny for the work.

I guess I call it a hobby because I'm a bit more passionate about alarm  
systems than the average home owner. If I had the time I would very much  
like to be trained by a skilled installer. Doubt I would learn much if I  
worked for the "professionals" that just want to slap a all in one unit  
by my front door. I'm mostly interested in hardwired setups.

Alarm companies should be more worried about the simpli junk type kits  
sold on amazon than someone wanting to learn and install a quality  
system their self.

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