Anyone using Alarm Center software by SIS?

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Our company has been using this software for a few years now however despit
e our best efforts the system performance is degrading quickly. I've person
ally checked over the system for any potential malware or viruses (rather p
ointless as there shouldn't be any to begin with), and the hardware is prac
tically brand new.

The issue is the upper management says that technical support with this com
pany is several grand and they're not willing to pay that. In the mean time
 our monitoring station is having to constantly deal with errors, hang ups  
and crashes. I'm curious if anyone has had experience with Security Informa
tion Software Inc? How in the world could they possibly justify charging th
at much just for phone support?

Further, has anyone else experienced issues with this software?

Outside of their website it's nearly impossible to find information about t
hem or this software. I can't even find a Better Business listing for the c

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