Adding garage on separate partition to NX8E system?

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Have an existing system that I need to expand to a detached garage.  Totall
y confused on what I need to add.  My plan is to run a single cable between
 buildings - distance is 250 feet.  Have power in the garage.  Planned to p
ut an expansion board in the garage with keypad on it's on partition.  Want
 to add smokes but was reading that smoke power is from a terminal on the N
X8E that toggles on smoke reset so not sure how I would set up the remote s
mokes since I wouldn't have access to that terminal. What parts do I need f
or this?  I can figure out the basics of wire, door sensors, etc - I need t
o figure out what boards and keypads and power supplies I need.  

Also know they are stopping production soon.  I could switch to some other  
system but everything is working ok.  Everything is hardwired with no wirel
ess sensors.  Perhaps I should switch to a different system?

Re: Adding garage on separate partition to NX8E system?
On 1/21/2020 7:23 AM, Jim S wrote:
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You will need (should use) the following:
NX148E Keypad
NX216E Zone Expander
NX320E Power Supply
You will also need the knowledge base to program all.
You will also need the above boards to install.
Which as you noted will be difficult.
Calling a local installer would help as well.

Good Luck!!


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