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http://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2011/01/14/officials-man-dead-after-fire-in-sheraden /

Here we go lets say this home was sprinklered. chances are the
sprinkler would not have activated .
Because the home owner caught the fire in time but made the tragic
mistake not to cal 911 or vent the house properly.

Would a sprinkler proved valuable had they been sleeping or away
But here is a classic case where a sprinkler would  not save a life
just like smoking in bed.
 But of course none of the sprinkler advocacy groups mention how many
times you can die from a fire in your home and the sprinkler system
will not help.

Often times there are fires which are low heat and slow burning and a
sprinkler will never respond.
a Fire Marshal I know was called to investigate a trailer fire which
everything from outside looked perfect yet inside every wall was burnt
and consumed from just such a low heat slow spread fire.
Sprinklers are just one of the chain of times needed to protect.

Re: A sprinkler What if Question

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http://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2011/01/14/officials-man-dead-after-fire-in-sheraden /
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Just the once Nick


Re: A sprinkler What if Question
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There has been many of these crazy low burn fires in my area  2 years
ago an elderly couple lost there lives in just such a fire. the fire
dept only found out after some one walking there dog by the couples
home discovered the windows where all dark with heavy soot and called
911 after not getting an answer at door. Again though
no working smoke detector in the home.
You have to see the pictures .

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