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Be aware that a WIRELESS alarm system CAN BE DISTURBED EASILY (even
the most recent and modern ones).
This can happen ACCIDENTALLY (you, newborns) or VOLUNTARY (intruders)
with a low power Radio Frequency (RF) external source operating on the
wireless system radio frequency.

== Is that exceptional??? ==
I read in a Electronic magazine recently:
-> HOW TO BUILD a RF link on the alarm system frequency with a
   transmitter of 400mW (sensors have only 10mW) made standard
   by AUREL (operating range +/- 10 km = 30.000 ft)
   http://www.aurel.it /
== Still exceptional???  ==

Due to the presence of an external RF source, the wireless alarm
system receiver is overwhelmed (muzzled) and this INHIBIT ALL ALARM
SIGNAL DETECTION emanating from the sensors.

The most annoying is that YOU WILL NOT KNOW IT.
The system doesn't detect it (it seems that some systems do after a
long time (min. 1 Hr to 12 Hrs) when the RF source interference
persist during that time, unfortunately its not defined for that
purpose nor proven to detect it and unsupported by manufacturers, its
originated only by "low level electrician pro's imagination").

By a CERTIFIED TEST devices (for all frequency types of wireless alarm
systems) at :
http://www.aurel.it /
Lookup Electronic magazines (if you understand electronics)

That easy!

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