Re: bcm 400 Can one reload the Admin Password - EE_ADMIN PASSWORD OBTAINED

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I have the same issue. We have two locations and two bcm400 systems. The login
credentials tow one site I have lost, or rather they were misplaced in our
password binder. I have no clue why the two systems have different passwords. We
have ivr and a ton of crazy templates. I pulled the drive to the lost system and
connected it to my windows xp station and usingdiskinternals was Abel to see
about 9 partitions. My knowledge of Linux is weak though. I was hoping to pull
the file from one system and overwrite the other allowing me access. I know this
has to be Abel to be done. I'm not even trying my hand with support its been 14
days I'm no closer. If any one can tell me simply where the user files are
stored I think I can do the rest.

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