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I hate to admit this, but I have forgotten my fricking password for my
meridian mail system.  Like a dumb ass I figured I'd remember it.  Well,
after not logging in for 3 months or so, I've forgotten it.

My question is, when I follow the recovery procedure outlined in the manual,
will it simply reset the password, or will it make all kinds of changes to
the system?  I have a backup, but obviously, it is 3 months old.  I can
imagine the uproar if everyones voice mail was cranked back 3 months.

I know that password questions are a sensitive topic, so I hope I've not
asked to idiotic of a question here.  I've already proved myself a big
enough dope by forgetting the password so whats left to lose?

Thanks in advance,


Re: Password Recovery On Mail

If I remember right reload the install tape reset the password and all will
be right with the world.  No losses that would be a problem. Although there
is always I found it this way don't know why and this is how to fix it.
oops doh.

                  John 807
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Re: Password Recovery On Mail

Okay thanks.  I'm going to follow the directions in the manual and let her
rip.  We'll see how it goes.

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