Option 11C attendant console help.

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We have an Option 11C with an M2250 attendant console. Management has asked
about moving this console to another location but it is a considerable
distance away in another building and our current buried cable installation
will barely support analog lines let alone digital phones. I have not had to
do any attendant console programming since my Database Admin class back in
1998 and don't remember enough of the particulars to feel comfortable moving
it. They also asked if it could be decommisioned and if the operator
function "0" be directed to another phone. Is there an easy way to do this
or do I need to get SBC involved. I'd like to save my company the fees SBC
will charge as we are a non-profit and money for such projects is always
tight. I'm very familiar with the programming overlays in the Meridian line
for moves, adds and changes as well as testing overlays and would feel
comfortable enough making the changes myself if someone more familiar with
them could post the overlays and fields I'd need to edit. Any help would be

John Forde

Re: Option 11C attendant console help.

It sounds pretty iffy. If your cable will not support digital phones
then you're hosed for a console. If you can get digital phones to work,
then program a set as a Central Answering Point (CAP) -- which nearly
mimics the functions of a 2250 on a 2616 set - refer to docs to ensure
you're not using any special features that wouldn't transfer over.

You can re-direct incomig calls in many ways, but it depends on what
you have. You didn't say what you had, but the simplest way in your
situation would be to redirect the nite target to whatever DN you want
to take "0" calls and leave the console in nite until they figure out
what's wanted.

Other options are building an IP bridge, If you have 10MB or better IP
to the builidng, consider getting an MCK unit. These things are black
boxes that go on either end  - you just punch down digital phones on
one side and the switch on the other - works well and can be had on
EBAY for under $1k.


Re: Option 11C attendant console help.

If you can get a digital phone to work in the other building, then the
console will work but you will need a power supply at the console end
as the voltage drop would be to great to power it from the digital line
card power ports.

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