Nortel Option 81 tie trunk to Asterisk box

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I'm looking for any and all knowledge on how to tie an old option 81
to an asterisk box in the configuration (for now) of the PSTN --->
Nortel ---> Asterisk.  We have 4 E&M Trunks (Supertrunks as bell calls
them) the basic idea being all 24 channels are used for voice and no D-
Chan because of some crappy planning when the system was originally
licensed...  That said I need to figure out a way to send certain
DID's to my asterisk box and also be able to set up a route back out
of asterisk through the nortel to the pstn... I have come up with
several options involving line side t1 cards and some using PRI cards
etc (both of which I have) but nothing that can tell me how to set it
up when I don't have D-ch available or qsig etc... I think we're on
Release 23.The asterisk side I can handle it's the nortel side I'm
fuzzy on.  I have been running this opt 81 for several years and know
my way around it pretty well but not well enough to start messing with
that stuff blind on a production system... Any help would be greatly

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