M3904 phone ringing busy

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Hello All,

I am having trouble with one of my M3904 phones. When someone tries to
call the phone while the person is on the phone it rings busy instead
of going directly to voicemail. I have compared the phone with another
M3904 in our system that does not have this problem and everything
looks the same. I deleted the phone and then created the phone again on
our system. That did not fix the problem.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.  

Thank you,

re:M3904 phone ringing busy
As previously mentioned hunting needs to be allowe

Class of service HTA & CFTA

HUNT 700

EHT 700

CFTA stands for Call Forward by Type Allowed.  This allows different

hunt treatments for internal and external calls. 7000 is normally th
access number for voicemail. In this example both internal an
external hunts are sent to Vmail

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