Is the system expandable

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I have a customer that has two buildings tied to one system. Customer
wants to add some more analog ports to the system.

Spec on the system:
ksu 0x32 ics-nntm0408idw

program module nntm040biwz7 nt7b72fg93 rel 04
mfg 980123 na-mics-2.0 v5.01

vmail nt5874rf-93 r0681493 rel 02 012398 3.0 mod 2ms41r35190785

6 port fiber module. all ports used. One goes to the vmail. three go
to 5 analog modules ntbb51cb-93 moxam analog, rel 02e mics asm with
vmwi na. There are two sets of moxam that are fibered together to make
a 16 port module. One goes to a m12xdo ntbb20fb-93, nntm8455 jxjd
2000-11-98. One goes to a mox16 ntbb41fb-93 970504 04007 89547.

Customer wants to add some more analog ports.  Is it possible or
desireable to piggy back onto the single analog module left, moxam,
that doesn't have a second 8 port module attached to it?

There is no back up of the system at all.  The customer was picked up
because the old vendor didn't want to do it anymore. I need to know if
the customer is expandable.  If it is possible to get a backup of the
system, either by someone on the board or another place.  I don't like
the idea of not having a backup.

The customer has been told and pitched a new system for the last 5
years.  Doesn't like the price and he paid $xxx for the system and it
should still be good.  Regardless that the system is going on 12 years

If someone will contact me with suggestions of what is possible and if
additional support needs to be added into the cost of the job.



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