How to set up Meridian 1 to "provide clock" to a Cisco IAD

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Hi Gang,

I've been out of the Meridian game for a while, mostly dealing with
Avaya stuff the last few years.

I have an M1 that is connected to a Cisco 24xx IAD via ni-2 PRI. The
network side of the Cisco is SIP via Ethernet from our Telco, so there
is no classic TDM clock source available in the system.

We are experiencing some fax problems that I understand are fairly
common with this kind of "TDM over VoIP" environments. One of the
things I would like to try is to have the Meridian 1 to provide the
clocking and have the Cisco device take its clock from the M1. (For
those who tend to be not-very-careful readers of posts, remember that
there is NO EXTERNAL TDM interfaces connected to this PBX, so there
are no concerns about getting 'out of synch' with PSTN devices along a
circuit-switched path.)

After doing some internet research, I am finding conflicting
information about "free run" versus "internal" with the M1, and how
one would go about actually setting an M1 that has a single PRI
interface to provide clock out to the network.

I can see there is the CLOK setting in the LD 17 ADAN DCH block; but I
know there is also some clock settings in the LD 73 DDB block. And BTW
in the LD 17 ADAN DCH block, I don't seem to be prompted for CLOK when
doing a change to existing PRI.

Any help would be appreciated!!

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