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Hi all, I wanted to give you a heads up and personally invite you to a
FREE E911 webinar that Nortel was sponsoring.

Registration is NOW OPEN at

The response to this event has been overwhelming. I suggest you secure
a slot and register as soon as possible so you don't miss out. This
session is going to be JAMMED PACKED with great information that you
need to know!

E911 Imperatives
Comprehensive Guidance for Engineering Emergency Communications

Communication technology pros often mistakenly configure their PBXs
(whether TDM or IP) to transmit the enterprise=92s main office address
to public safety answering points. This wastes precious time that
could have been saved had first responders gotten the caller=92s
specific location =96 down to the floor or zone level =96 along with his
or her caller ID.

Momentum is building for states to adopt legislation mandating proper
Enhanced 911 (E911) engineering, and 13 states already have such

The risks couldn=92t be higher: You simply can=92t afford not to engineer
E911 properly at your enterprise.

In this FREE 90-minute webinar our expert speakers will help you=85

Understand how a 911 call is transmitted =96 and how location
information depends on caller IDs
Craft a workable blueprint for engineering E911 at your enterprise
Avoid manually updating the location information emergency responders
have for your enterprise every time an end user moves his or her IP
Discover the regulations that govern your enterprise=92s E911
Master the alphabet soup of emergency communications, from ALIs and
ANIs to PSAPs, ELINs and ERLs
Model your E911 implementation after a real-world case study presented
by a health care system=92s IT manager
And much, much more!

IP telephony makes it infinitely easier for end users to move their
phones without any intervention from your telecom or IT department.
This increased independence is a boon for productivity, but a
potential hazard when an emergency strikes.

You=92ll protect your enterprise=92s employees =96 and help your business
meet its legal obligations =96 when you attend this jam-packed FREE

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