Contivity VPN telnet question.

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Hi there,

I am setting up a Branch Office VPN using 2 Contivity back to back in a

PC1 --- CONTIVITY1 ---IPSEC Tunnel ----CONTIVITY2 ----PC2

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Telnet is enabled and all filters are permit all.  PC2 can telnet to
CONTIVITY2.  What else do I need to check?  What is a Control Tunnel
and when do you use it?

Thank you.

Re: Contivity VPN telnet question.

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Go to Profiles -> Filters and edit "permit all" tunnel filter; you'll see
checkboxes for telnet, ftp, etc. Or, you can check enabled services
(Services -> Available).
Control tunnel is for administration purposes, you can access the Contivity
box only through the tunnel, not the networks behind it.

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