Callpilot Outbound Fax Problem

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Hello all;
     I've got a Opt 11C on 25.40b with a Callpilot 2.02.  Just in the
process of setting up Desktop Messaging, more specifically fax to desktop.
Inbound fax's arrive o.k.  You can reply to the inbound fax and it
transmit's o.k.  Where the trouble begins is when you create a document
using word and try to send the document to the Nortel Fax Driver.  The error
message is "mailbox does not exist"  I've tried putting the "9" access code
in and leaving it out.  Same response.  I've dug through the books and it
describes that the fax you're going to send to has to be in the Personal
Address Book in Outlook but this doesn't seem to be present.  Any fresh
ideas is more than appreciated.  Cheers,

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