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I read from Nortel somewhere that starting with either 3.5.0 or 3.5.1 that
stacking was supported

Bought several but could not get to stack.

Now Nortel support says that they are not stackable even though they sold be
stack cables when I bought them, Should have been a clue to them What I was
going to do.

Anyway, Anyone know for sure if can, what code or will be stackable ????


Re: baystack 425 switches

MC wrote:
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 From the 3.5.0 release notes...

"In this release, you can stack Ethernet Switch 425-24T only. Ethernet
Switch 325-24T/24G and Ethernet Switch 425-48T are supported in
standalone mode."

The 3.5.1 release only has one bug fix it according to the release notes.


Re: baystack 425 switches

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I've got three stacks of BayStack 425-24Ts, one with two switches and two
with three. The info below is taken straight from one of the stacks.

Operation Mode:   Stack, Unit # 1
Size Of Stack:    2
Base Unit:        1
sysDescr:         BayStack 425-24T HW:03       FW:   SW:v3.1.0.04

Certainly when I did this they were factory defaulted to run in standalone
mode.  To get them stacked I had to connect via the console interface and go
into the Command Line Interface (option from the menu driven interface)
From there enter enable mode, and then into configure mode, like below.

Cab 9B#
Cab 9B#en
Cab 9B#conf t
Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.
Cab 9B(config)#
Cab 9B(config)#stacking-mode ?
  base     Sets the base unit mode.
  disable  Sets the standalone mode.
  enable   Sets the stacking mode (non-base unit by default).
  unit     Chose one unit in stack.
Cab 9B(config)#stacking-mode

Use the stacking-mode command to set the base unit and enable stacking on
one switch. You then need to connect directly to all the other switches in
the stack via their respective console interfaces and enable stacking from
the CLI.

Once they're all enabled for stacking, cycle the power and it should come up
'stacked' and manageable from the base switch.

I write this from memory, it's nine months or more since I did this and I'm
making and assumption here that the method holds true for 3.5 S/W although I
haven't got round to upgrading any of our stacks so you may want to consult
the documentation.  I do recall that when I did this, the documentation
seemed to have been ripped straight from the 420 switches and didn't mention
anything about it:-(  Also I would advise making sure all the switches that
you want to stack are running the same version of S/W before you start.



Re: baystack 425 switches

I did find out that the 425-24T models have stacking in current released

The 425-48T units will have stacking in code 3.5.6 expected to be released
sometime first half next year

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