Attendant Console.NET ver. 3.0 Now GA

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Win over the Competition with the All New Console.NET ver.3.0 FREE
download for BCM and Norstar.

- New Install Wizard provides simplistic Installation & Configuration

- Multiple system Call Control and Monitoring

- "Call Waiting w/ Messaging" attendant can send a message and call
waiting to any TDM or IP phone

- "Scrolling Text Messaging" allows attendant to send a message to any
telephone dispay

- "Telephone Messaging" offers ability to post message at telephone and
display at Console

- Reverse Phone number lookup (Manual or Automatic congifuration)

- New Console.NET Enterprise Pricing Packages introduced.

This offers the edge over competition for any BCM 3.7 or higher. Simply
add a Nortel "Try n Buy" LAN CTE desktop License, download and install.

Succession requests; please check our website later this year for
information regarding a new Succession Console.

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