Alteon WebOS Images?

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I have an old CacheDirector that I tinker around with on my own
network, kind of as a learning tool. Anyhow it was running a 6.0.69
image (with the 1.0.7 maintainence kernel). On the Nortel website I saw
there was a 1.0.9 update, thinking that updated the kernel. Oops...
nope, it updated (or outdated) my (only) image and now instead of
6.0.69 it's booting with 1.0.9. I finally realized that what I need is
a newer WebOS image which was what I supposed to load on there and is
what the 6.0.69 represented.

Nortel is giving me the major run around, just getting the 1.0.9 image
to fubar my CD was hassle enough. To download from their site you need
a service contract. But since these products are EOL and Nortel will
not give any support. I'm tired of play the phone game with these guys
it's not THAT hard of a concept for them to grasp. I guess this is why
their company is going in the hole.

I do not think I can update straight to the 10.x.x versions as I read a
PDF that said you have to run the 9.x.x or upgrade to that first.

Does anyone have a collection of a few of the WebOS for the 180 series
that they could send me so that I can update this POS?

What hair I haven't pulled out of my head has turned gray from this
fiasco. I'm on the brink of using this thing for target practice.

Re: Alteon WebOS Images?
do you still need this? i may have a version that you can use.

BobHope123 wrote:
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Re: Alteon WebOS Images?
Thanks, but I was able to find an image from another generous Alteon
user. :)

DC One wrote:
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Re: Alteon WebOS Images?

deddy had written this in response to  :
I have exactly the same problem.
To install WebOS 8 or 10 I have to install
WebOS 6.0.* first. Who can provide this version?

BobHope123 wrote:

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