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What is the best approach:

1. Purchase all my components from one store and have them install it.
I may pay more but there is only one entity held accountable.


2. Purchase my components from different stores to get the lowest price
and have a third party installer wire, setup, install the components.

Thoughts? What does your experience dictate. And I'm not doing it
myself, I'll "F" it all up. I know it!

The Cube Monkey

Re: Your advice on setup wrote:

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Sorry to hear that you don't want to do it yourself.
By letting some else do it has one draw back.
Whenever something happens you haven't got a clue!
I did it twice, one at home and one out at cabin.
Was learning experience but not that hard.
All depending on budget I guess. My order of picking
was, TV >>> surround speaker package >> a/v receiver,
other components already I had. And bunch of cables of
proper length to hook them all up, then calibrate speakers,
configure remote control to control everything with one.
Good luck,

Re: Your advice on setup wrote:

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First of all, no you won't **** it up.  I'm pretty good with a pc, but a
total novice at home theater.  

Long story short, I got a lot of advice in alt.home-theater.misc before
selecting my components -- still have to do that for the TV, once the audio
part is paid for.  Got some very good links for sites & forums to do my own
research.  Plus some very solid advice on what might be appropriate & what
might not.  What you're going to want will depend on room size & whether
you're bigger on TV/movie audio or music.

I ended up going with Onkyo components with a Velodyne sub & Athena Point 5
Mark II 5.1 surround speaker system -- I intend to get two more speakers
for Zone 2 (mostly indoors, but with enough wire to stick them outside when
we barbecue).  And concensus seemed to be that my situation wasn't really
going to gain anything from going with 7.1 instead of having the second

Since I rent, in wall wiring &/or speakers is out of the question.  So, I
got my wire, hooked up the speakers first. then my sub & antennas (AM/FM &
XM satellite).  Set up the speaker audio with the speaker setup mike.  Then
I tried the radio functions of the receiver.  Afterwards, I connected my
DVD/CD changer & cassette deck.  Since I have a TV card in my pc (plus a
ton of audio files) & a 19" lcd monitor, I also have the pc audio running
through the receiver.  All hand wired by me.

The wiring requires a little bit of reading of the receiver manual, having
enough speaker wire to start with, & a good wire cutter/stripper.  The
plethora of rear connections on the rear of the receiver can seem pretty
daunting.  But the reading & a little thought make it pretty simple.  I
took my time to be sure I didn't screw it up.  So, my couple of hours might
be on the long side.  But I have most of the wiring running around the
edges of the room, behind some furniture (some of which needed to be
moved), mostly hidden.  It looks good & I can figure out what goes where
because I did it, rather than having someone else connect everything.  I
saved money on the installation & I have the satisfaction that I did it.

Other than a little time, it was all pretty easy to figure out.  So, don't
be afraid of doing the whole hookup yourself.  If I owned this place, I
might even have tried in wall wiring. :-)

Bill K

Re: Your advice on setup

I tend to agree with Bill - up to a point. If you're talking about a
installation or equipment in the +$10K range - go to a single
store - you'll get
the best results. Get to know the owner/manager and
listen - listen - listen. If
you're not up to a certain level, some of
the smaller stores tend to be a bit
condesending. If you experience
that...leave. Go find another store who will
share your enthusiasm.

If you're all you're talking is TV - Receiver - DVD - Speakers = do it
It's not difficult. And next year you'll want to add another
component and
you'll won't have to call them back.

I would avoid the installation service of any of the chain stores.

Just take your time. One trick that has worked for me is to use a short
of tape - athletic training tape works great - and a marker to
label each wire
and cable. I just fold 3" of the tape around the cable
about 6" from both ends
so it sticks to itself forming a 1" label. Then
I write on each end what the
cable is doing: e.g. DVD, or LF (for left
front speaker). That way when you get
around back of your receiver,
you'll know what each does.

My Pioneer receiver has an autocalibration function that is very simple
to use
and does a good job of setting up the unit. Make sure you read
the owner's
manual. Post any questions here. You'll be fine.

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Re: Your advice on setup

yustr wrote:

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Excellent suggestion.  When I got my Onkyo 803, it included included wiring
labels.  If cubemonkey is anything like me, writing on labels sometimes
tends to become undecipherable over time (like 30 seconds). :-)

Bill K

Re: Your advice on setup

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You will most likely save more money if you buy it all from one store and
have that store install it.


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