Yamaha Receiver rx-v800 Questions

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I just purchased this used and had a couple of problems with video. After
looking everything up I could not get any video from my DirevtTV Tivo unit.
Here is my setup. Svideo from sat unit to receiver. Component from DVD to
receiver. Component out of receiver to my Sony TV non-HD. I got video from
my DVD unit but the only way to get the video to work for my sat receiver I
had use the composite (RCA) jack to the TV. So now I can watch DVD on input
video #4 on the TV and #1 on the sat unit. Would like for everything to work
off of one. Oh one more thing. The S-Video would never work. I tried the
output on the receiver to the TV with no picture. Is the component video
causing the svideo not to work? Should I just go to all S-video?


Re: Yamaha Receiver rx-v800 Questions

Tim wrote:
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If your rx does not do video upconversion; some upto , you're out of luck.
many newer upconversion; some upto S-video, some all the way upto
component. This is only rouring video signal path nothing to do with
video quality.  I just set up my HT and that is one reason
I got rx-v2500 receiver.
If your unit has upconversion ability then it has to be enabled from the
set up menu. Still one draw back on my unit is, Viewing VCR tape.
Display gets very unstable thru componenet input. This is mentioned in
the owner's manual. I wonder there is a unit out there which plays VCR
tape stable.

Re: Yamaha Receiver rx-v800 Questions

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Hey guys.  My RX-V750 has video upconversion and plays EVERYTHING perfectly
through the components.  I've got DVD player in through components, set-top
box in through S-video and VCR in through composite and everything out to
the TV through components.  Video quality from all three boxes are stable,
flicker-free and shiny as hell.

Tony's right, Tim.  If it's hooked up all proper-like, and you're still not
getting picture from your Tivo, then the receiver doesn't have video
upconversion.  It's a pain in the neck, but hey, it's an old model, don't
ask too much from it.  Don't bother with any video going into the receiver;
route it all to the TV -- that's the only thing you can do.

Tony, I highly suspect that maybe there's a problem with your particuar
2500.  I haven't heard of anyone having the problem you're describing with
their 2500s.  I mean, if my 750 does it fine, then the 2500 had better do it
just as fine or even better!  Take it back to your dealer and ask him to
give it a try.  If it's still under warranty, they should either fix it
pronto or give you another 2500 in exchange.

Good luck to the both of you, and let us know how it works out.


Re: Yamaha Receiver rx-v800 Questions

vij wrote:
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Owner's manual specifically mentions it. So my VCR S-video is routed to
TV directly. Bit disappointed but other than that it's good receiver.


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