Would You Buy A Factory Certified Marantz AV Receiver Refurb?

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...and would you buy an extended 3 year warranty to go with it?  I've
got an Onkyo that is losing its rear surround speaker intermittently
and occasionally other channels go out as well.  I'd like to fix it
since it's only about 6 years old and all I really need is DTS and DD
since I use it for watching films, but it will probably cost at least
a couple of hundred, so I'm thinking about buying the Marantz 5600 for
about $325 instead of doing the repair.  Thanks for any guidance...

Re: Would You Buy A Factory Certified Marantz AV Receiver Refurb?

jd@hotmail.com wrote:
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Too bad we don't have crystal balls, huh?

1st thought.
After 6 years, the Onkyo could be something as simple as dirty speaker
relay contacts. An intermittent failure at this stage is likely to be
bad connections as opposed to component failure. I'd try to find a
reputable shop with a free [or cheap] estimate policy, or a knowledgable
friend. Could well make the decision for you.

My normal response to these questions is, a *true* factory certified
refurb has been gone through by a [hopefully] qualified technician.
Whereas the NIBs tyically have only random samples fully QC'd.

In theory, the refurb could be closer to factory spec.

The only thing that concerns me, and it's not just this Marantz model,
but seemingly all the big receiver mfgs., is there appears to be an
inordinate amount of refurbs available.

Now it could well be that mass market units like these are purchased by
a lot of mass idiots that have no earthly clue how to set one up causing
them to take it back as defective when, in fact, the end user is. ;-)

On the other hand, it could be that mass market Chinese receivers are
still crap like they've always been.

Or maybe a combination of the two?!

*Personally*, I'd take the Onkyo in for an estimate.
If uneconomically feasible to repair, the Marantz line of receivers has
always fared pretty well in reviews.

I've bought and sold many a used Marantz AV preamp, and have never had
an issue, but I generally don't get involved in any brand of receiver.

As for the service contract, I've always thought these to be a waste of
money for most products of this type.

The Onkyo has served you for 6 years. A 3-yr contract wouldn't have
helped you at all.

I think most failures occur within the first 30 days or so anyway.

The Marantz has a 1 year warranty on it. Not bad for a refurb.

It would also depend on the service contract price.
They can get ridiculous.



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Re: Would You Buy A Factory Certified Marantz AV Receiver Refurb?


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That's great advice, thanks for taking the time.  I'm also looking at
a Denon refurb, the 1907 that's about the same price as the Marantz. A
salesperson said that the parts in the Denons were generally better
quality than some of the other brands, for what it's worth.  I am
going to take your advice about getting an estimate on having the
Onkyo serviced.  I really don't want to buy another receiver just
because one of the rear channels goes out intermittently; it seems
like a waste of money at the moment when the rest of receiver is

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