Wireless Home Theater Speakers

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Anyone know if there are any wireless home theater speakers and where one
can buy them?


Re: Wireless Home Theater Speakers

Wireless speakers are available at nearly any stereo store; BB, CC, even

radio shack. Be warned, listen before you buy. Or check their return

policy. The sound quality is not particularly good. They might be

better than before (it's been a couple of years since I've heard any)

but are still probably only useable for rear surrounds.




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Re: Wireless Home Theater Speakers

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Wireless home theatre speakers generally don't have the best sound quality.
I thought I had found a way around with it, using the Kenwood RFU-6100.  It
consists of two units, a transmitter and a receiver.  The transmitter
attaches to the amp, and sends the signal over infrared frequency to the
receiver unit, which is attached to one or two speakers.  I'm currently
using it for my rear centre channel (I'm doing 6.1 at the moment).  The 6100
advertises as being able to boost the signal by 50 watts.  This is not
enough.  Sadly.  Even when I use my rear centre with 6.1 material, I just
don't hear the signal well enough.  I'm pretty disappointed in the unit, and
I don't recommend it.  Some people on ecoustics.com have liked it, but I'm
not one of them.  I'm anxiously waiting for some kind of improvement over
the 6100.  Someone PLEASE let me know if there is something out there that
can do a better job!

PCMan, there are some HTIBs that have wireless surround speakers.  I know
there's a Sony package that offers them.  But I haven't heard any of these
yet.  Try 'em out though, but like yustr said, don't buy them without
hearing them first!


Re: Wireless Home Theater Speakers

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Sorry, I should have said that the Kenwood unit transmits its information
via radio frequency, not infra-red.  Sorry for the confusion.


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