Which Center Speaker - Polk or Bose?

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Hi, Everyone,

I am a total newbie to surround sound, but I am looking at choosing between
the following two center channels:

1 - Polk Audio RM6752 Center Channel Center Channel
2 - Bose VCS-10 Center Channel Speaker

The Bose looks nicer as I am pairing it with some Bose 201 bookshelf
speakers in the front. However, the Polk came with a system I bought
(including the center, sub, receiver, and 5 surrounding speakers). The both
have similar specs. I have heard how much difference a good sounding center
channel speaker is, but I am torn between the aesthetics and the online
reviews I've read. Some are trashing the Bose model.

I was looking at selling the Polk center and other 5 speakers for enough $
to buy the seemingly pricey Bose model.

Any advice? Many thanks.

Phil in Irvine, CA

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