Wanted donations

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Wanted donations


I am asking for any help that I may please receive.  I am requesting
DONATIONS in ANY CONDITION of electronic items.  (Broken, working,
needs repair, good for parts).

          I am requesting these donations in the following categories.

I am seeking items in the fields of Audio, Video, Communications,
Laser, Robotics, Satellite, Computer, Test Equipment etc.  I am also
desperately seeking Video cameras, video recorders, DVDs, Cb &ham
radio / equip, etc.  ALL IN ANY CONDITITON, In ANY condition, Broken,
Damaged, Working, Non Working, Repairable, Good For parts.

 Being disabled is not fun as standing up on feet is a real pain
however be unable to work is a real pain.  I love electronics; I hope
when and if medical get better to be employable again. However the
only way to keep active is the ability to keep going and keep
coherent, is to keep tinkering, trying to design or redesign and test
out new ideas. I also like to try to keep up on trends and keep
ability to do things.  Electronics is more than a hobby it is a life

I like to share knowledge with others, I love to tutor beginners and
learn new things. If any help that I can please get, I would be
greatly appreciative. If I can be of help let me know. I am located in
Concord California.

Being unemployed with NO transportation to call my own gives me time
on my hands and nothing is more miserable than to feel unproductive
and trapped at home at the mercy of who ever you can get out of the
house with. If I had a job than I could earn myself a vehicle with a
heart set on a passenger van. BUT any car/truck will do fine. ACTUALLY

I would love to work in the broadcast or electronics industry even if
it means just pushing buttons, anything to work in a field that I
dearly love.

Thanks in advance.

I am in Concord Ca.


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