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Is their any type of generic remote control for home theatre and gaming all
I need is volume and base control, but it has to have a strong
signal.........We live in a condo and are having a problem with our next
door neighbour....We work shifts and our neighbour likes to play games and
music as well as movies on very high base. Our bed literally vibrates. When
the jets are flying you would think their screaming over our complex, I've
tried to be nice about this but it seems that he and his son couldn't care
less if they are driving everyone nuts. Has anyone got any ideas we just
want to mess with his head for a while. Maybe he will get the hint. Thanks
for any comments!!!!!

Re: Want to Control next door audio

If they happen to be using a satellite receiver that uses an RF remote, you
should be able to do this quite easily.  Most the Dish Network stuff is RF
and IR combo controlled.  I know cause we used to have a problem with
neighbors unknowingly changing our channels.  It was solved by disconnecting
the RF antenna on our receiver.

haha  Good luck!

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Re: Want to Control next door audio

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Since you live in a condo, complain to the condo association about your
nuisance neighbour.

Barring that, you'll have to figure out what kind of tv & stereo
equipment the neighbours have.  You'd have to be near their windows for
it to be any effect...I highly doubt it would work through the walls.

Re: Want to Control next door audio

Check this out - I don't know if it would work thru the wall though


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Re: Want to Control next door audio

Mort Guffman wrote:
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I like the idea that this product is available, but some of the
philosophies and opinions of the author of the website, are questionable.


Re: Want to Control next door audio

drb wrote:
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If the audio is being sent to a TV or home theatre setup then it's
probably IR controlled.  You'd have to find some way to send the IR
signal to control it.  If their equipment is in the line-of-sight to a
window it could be as easy as just sending in a power off command to
kill the amp.  But they could just pull the blinds closed and block the
signal.  You'd have to find out what equipment is being used or you'd
have to try one-by-one.  Given you're not on the best terms with them
you'd probably have to take the peeping tom route to see what's being
used.  Just don't get yourself into trouble in the process.

If the speakers are attached to a PC then there's probably not way to do it.

Also consider the condo association and the local police.  Most
communities have noise ordinances.  Sure, it raises the bar on stress in
the relationship but it's all about balance.  You pay a mortgage and
have a reasonable right to some peace.  They likewise have a reasonable
expectation to enjoy using their equipment.  The trick is in finding
balance.  If they're unwilling to hold up their end of the equation then
you're faced with little option other than to force the issue.

As I once said to a problematic neighbor in a townhouse, "I can be a
good neighbor, or I can be a VERY bad neighbor.  Ligthen up or you'll
find out just how BAD things can get..."  Fortunately he recognized the
value of striking a good balance.

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