VCR video gets pumpy when it gets converted to component video?

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    I have an old VCR (about 10 years old) that has only composite video
and coaxial output.  I connected it via the composite video to my (Denon
AVR-2106) receiver.  I wanted to attach the Denon to my TV using
component video.  Unfortunately, then I use component video, the video
signal looks jumpy on my TV (a Samsung HL-R5078).  If I use the S-video
connection, everything looks perfect.
    Going through the Denon manual, I notice that it mentions that the
picture may flicker or become distorted.  The manual says I should get a
video stabilizer with a Time Base Corrector function.

    So what exactly is a video stabilizer with time base corrector?  And
how much should I pay for it?

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