Toslink to toslink cable

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Is there any difference between a toslink to toslink cable
and a digital optical cable for connecting between a dvd
player and a 5.1 ch. home theatre system?Also what type of
cable should be used with a digital audio out on a dvd player
and the home theatre? Would standard co-ax be ok?

Re: Toslink to toslink cable

No real functional difference. Some swear "digital" coax sounds better
than TOSLINK and vice-versa, but I doubt anyone could honestly tell the
difference in a blind audio test.

As far as practical concerns, TOSLINK's fiber optic signal path cannot
be effected by EMI (electromagnetic interference); however it is not
quite as robust as coax (if the fiber is somehow kinked, just like a
water hose, the medium will stop flowing.) Conversely, quality coax is
extemely durable and still very resistant to EMI due to its shielding,

A caveat with coax is that RCA jack's were developed in the 1930's for
the phonograph, and typically do not achieve the 75 ohm spec for
today's a/v connections. Canare makes high-quality RCA plugs that they
advertise as "true 75 ohm connectors." You can buy broadcast quality
Canare or Belden coax terminated with Canare from bluejeanscable (or
me) for about $12-15 (3' to 6'). You can do a little better on TOSLINK
from at about $11-13.

It's really a matter of personal preference. One last bit of advice,
I've never had a TOSLINK cable break, but have had the connectors pop
out of devices while being shuffled around; however I have had several
RCA cables break (yes even the "monstrous" kind) due to crappy solder
joints between the wires & RCA plug (which is why I now roll my own
with Canare components). Canare not only meets the 75 ohm spec, but
also do not pop off unless you physically pull them off.

Good luck,

mwebsurfer wrote:
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Re: Toslink to toslink cable

Read the other thread I sent on 12/27 called optical cable quality, and
Jeff's reply. Some good info.
I am new to the home theater setup. In a couple of weeks, I will finish the
install with speakers and subwoofer etc.
I used Toslink, or digital audio cables from the TV to the home theater get the sound from the TV over the 5.1 speakers, and then I used
another hunk of Toslink cable to go from the DVD player to the amp to use
just for playing CD's   I think the quality afforded with the Toslink cables
is better than what you may remember with RCA connectors.
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