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I'm thinking of finally getting an HD front projector (stairwell to basement
has a sharp turn, and my 46" Ultravision CRT rear-proj barely fit last time)
and hence I'll need a happenin' home theater receiver that can also do video
switching (or else end up running a million cables to the ceiling-mounted
projector and living in remote-switching hell).

I haven't decided on LCD or DLP, to get 1280x720 it looks like LCD is a lot
less expensive (Sanyo Z3 vs. BenQ PB8700).

Since my main video sources will be HDMI output (Scientific Atlanta HD PVR
via Rogers Cable & in future Xbox II as DVD player) I would like to get a
receiver that does HDMI switching, and ideally upconverting from
component/composite/S-Video to the HDMI output as well.

I can't seem to find any receivers that do this.  Am I dreaming?

Also, I'm trying to understand progressive vs. interlaced as it relates to a
fixed-pixel display.  Wouldn't e.g. a DVD player with 480i output and one
with 480p output look the same on a fixed-pixel display (LCD or DLP), or am
I missing something?

Thanks for any pointers, and feel free to steer me to an FAQ if this is old
business here.


Re: Thinking of taking the plunge
As far as cabling goes with a projector, consider this: if possible
have all of your equipment near your projector, perhaps on a rack.
That will reduce your cable run distances.  Use an IR repeater for
controlling everything.

As far as video switching, component is what is going to be offered.
Anything else, even if you find it, will be very expensive.  I
recommend trying component.  I compared it to DVI and normally, use
just can't tell a difference.

For your DVD player it is important that you get one that uses
deinterlacing or progressive scan (480p.)  There are some new DVD
players out that will convert to DVI if you want to go digital crazy on
your connections and they do a better job of scaling than any projector
will.  A fixed pixel display (or basically not CRT) is inherently

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