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Looking for a inexpensive, but good a/v receiver that has good power,
up-conversion and if possible multi-zone capabilities. Thanks in advance.

Re: Suggestions for A/V receiver

You may want to try other forums.  This one kind of died over the last month
or so.

Finding an inexpensive one with those features will be a task.  Take a look
at Harmon Kardon (refurbished) on EBay.  A lot of the refurbished ones are
being sold by HK, directly, and work like new. And FYI for HK:  you don't
need 200 watts of power to get 200 watts of sound.  So if you see a 75 watt
version with the features you want, it should sound much more powerful than,
say, Yamaha or Kenwood's 75 watt systems.
Something I've learned the hard way is wattage means squat if the clarity is
garbage.  Finding the perfect combination of both, at lower prices, can be
I know it will be easy to find the multi zone but the up-conversion may take
a little more research.  I remember somewhere in this forum was a small list
of decent up-conversion receivers but I don't think that was the terminology
used.  If you're using Outlook or O-Express, "search" the forum for
"convert" or other like-terms.
Knowing what you consider inexpensive would help.  Some peeps version of
inexpensive equals "forget about it!"

Did I answer your question? --not really
But I can say stay away from inexpensive Yamaha.  In fact, I'll never buy
After going from decently priced $700 and up receivers to trying more
inexpensive versions ($399 and under), they couldn't touch the $700+
versions.  So much so, that I gave the cheaper ones to the kids,
immediately, and went shopping for another.
But hey, if you haven't experienced the sound of a better unit, what have
you lost by staying inexpensive?  Stick with inexpensive until you can
afford to go all the way.

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