Subwoofer Problem

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Hey guys,
  I am hoping that someone can help me troubleshoot a problem I'm
having with my subwoofer.  I have a fairly old Kenwood HTB system
(circa 2001), and everything has worked perfectly for as long as I've
had it.  Just yesterday, I bought a new television and hooked
everything up.  I should point out that aside from running a new cable
from my new TV to the receiver, I didn't make any changes (e.g.,
unplugging cable connections to the receiver, etc).  Now that I've got
it all hooked up again, the subwoofer has stopped receiving a signal
from the receiver.  When I do the sound check, I hear the signal from
the front left, center, front right, rear right, and rear left
speakers, but then a silence when it should be sending the static sound
to the subwoofer.  I turned the subwoofer off and on again, ensuring
that the green light came on, so that it isn't in standby mode.  I
unplugged the subwoofer cable from the receiver and from the woofer and
plugged it back in, and still no luck.  I've also adjusted the volume
and crossover frequency switches to see if that helps.  I should point
out that I fear I may have forgotten to switch teh subwoofer off before
I unplugged it when I was rearranging the outlets and power-strips,
which is probably not the best thing to do.  Now, when I first
unplugged the subwoofer cable from the back of the receiver, the
subwoofer was actually on, and as I tapped the end of the cable, I
heard the subwoofer produce noise as I tapped it.  I'm sure this also
is not the brightest thing to do, but when I accidentally did it, it
suggested to me that the subwoofer is okay, and that the problem lies
in the transmission of sound from the receiver.  I'm a relative amateur
at all of this home theater stuff, so if any of you have any ideas of
what I could try, I would very much appreciate it.  Thanks.

Re: Subwoofer Problem

Take your sub to a buddies house and hook it to his system--see if it
works--and swap your sub cable just in case it got kinked or broken under
the insulation.  You may be in the market for a new sub--electronic repair
places are becoming rare as technology increases.

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