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I have a question that might sound elementary.........
But I am audio challenged!

I have a set of 5 speakers (8ohm if that matters) and a subwoofer from
a Pioneer HTS where the amp/receiver has blown out. I picked up a
Yamaha HTR5840 to replace it, and the subwoofer OUT on it is a female
RCA jack. I spliced an RCA jack to the +/- speaker wires from the
subwoofer and plugged that in to the amp/receiver but No Bass?

I have set up the subwoof thru the amp/receiver setup program.

Reading thru some previous threads is sounds like I have a "passive"
as opposed to a "powered" one. Is there any way to make a "passive" one
work with the new amp/receiver with some type of adapter? Or just get a
new powered subwoof?

I appreciate any insight to this...........

Re: Subwoofer hook-up

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Get the powered sub.  The difference will be very noticeable.

Re: Subwoofer hook-up

BogieBob wrote:
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If your sub does not have AC power plug, it is not amplified.
Also there is two input level: one speaker level which is high level,
the other RCA which is low level signal. If you have speaker level input
jack on your sub you can tap this into left channel main speaker output
terminal. Bass sound does not really have stereo image. Conventionally
it's tapped into left channel. Or buy a powered sub and plug it into
LFE jack on your amp.
Good luck,

Re: Subwoofer hook-up

BogieBob wrote:
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Your assumption is correct.  You will need a new sub.

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