Sub Cable and Y Splitter?

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Curious if anyone might be able to shed some light on this...I just picked up a
very lightly used set of Atlantic
Technology T 70 5.1 speakers, including the sub.  I have an aging Sony STR-DE945
receiver that has two RCA outputs
to power 2 subs.  I have one output already going to a Velodyne sub.  

My question is, the guy I got the Atlantic Tech speakers from also through in
his Liberty sub cable.  It
is an RCA type plug, but it also has a Y splitter with it that he says he had
connected to the L/Mono AND
right sub input?  With my Velodyn, I just have the sub cable running into the
L/Mono input of the sub.  I looked
at the setup diagrams for the T 70 sub, and it shows using a Y splitter at the
receiver inputs for some setups,
but nothing at the sub inputs.  I'm a little worried about trying his suggested
setup, since I've always just run the sub
cable in the the L/Mono input of the sub.  I always did wonder why there were a
L/Mono and an Right input on the
subs I've seen though.

Is there any benefit to using the Y splitter to connect the receiver's output to
both the L/Mono and RIght inputs on the
sub?  Sorry to ramble on earlier...that's my real question.

Thanks for any help figuring this out...I'm curious if there is any benefit to
having both inputs connected.

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