speaker recomendations, athena?

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I've posted before about going with an onkyo HTIB setup, I decided to go a
component route, I just bought a Denon AVR-686 receiver, I'm looking for
speakers to go with it. I've been looking at the Athena Micra system (5.1)
but want to do a 7.1, anyone know where to get the micra system cheap? (best
I've seen is bestbuy for 283.99, but they are on backorder) can someone
recommend something in that price range? or should I just wait for those?
like I said, I'll be adding 2 speakers to this, was thinking of getting 2
front speakers (possibly athena B1's or B2's) and using the included
speakers in the Micra system for the side and rear surround. is there
somethign else around the price of the B1 that you would recommend instead?
I'm looking for speakers this small ebcuase I already have 4 speakers in teh
wall (OLD bose speakers that are blown, they measure about 3 feet wide and 2
feet tall) so I'm going to take off the grills, and cut a hole in these
speakers and place the new ones inside, then put the grills back on so it
will still look neat) thanks in advance


Re: speaker recomendations, athena?

ok, I ordered a Dayton 10" sub, so I just need to get the speakers (decided
on the athena Point 5 system) anyone know where I can get these cheap? I
checked my local best buy and they don't have ANY athenas at all.

Re: speaker recomendations, athena?

I just bought a Polk Audio system from Crutchfield (www.crutchfield.com) and
am VERY happy with them.  I bought the basic RM6005 5.1 speaker system with
the PSW10 sub package for $299 - no tax and free shipping.  I'd recommend
looking there. I have a $20 discount "recommend" code number for you to use
if you buy anything from them, plus I get $20 off my next order as well.

Good luck,

- Tom C.

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