Sony STR-DE925 receiver problem playing TV in Dolby Digital

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Equipment:  Sony STR-DE925 Receiver
Sony SXRD 60" Grand Wega
DirectTV HDTV Receiver

I am having problems trying to play regular TV shows in Dolby Digital
on this receiver.  I ran all of the a/v RCA cables from the HDTV into
the Sony STR receiver and hooked in a Monster Optical cord from the
DirecTv into the TV input on the Sony receiver.  I can get regular TV
brodcast to play in stereo PCM, however the Optical is reading
'unlock'.  Tried running connections several different ways (including
straight from the Wega into the Sony receiver) and nothing is working
to give me DD sound.

First of all is this possible?  I don't know a lot about DD but
basically I was under the belief that when regular TV shows say 'Dolby
Digital 5.1 where available' that my Sony receiver would automatically
switch over to DD like it does when I play DVD's.  Do TV shows work
this way?  Should the receiver automatically detect and swith over to
DD from Stero PCM?

Second anyone know what connections I may have made that are wrong?

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