Sony picture tube preservation

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We bought a Sony picture tube HDTV (KV40XBR700S) in December of 2001.  It
works perfectly -- we've never had a problem and the HD is fabulous.  We
have never seen a better picture on plasma or LCD or any other format.

The question is this: what can we do to make this TV last longer --  
specifically, should we leave it on if it is not going to be used for a
while, like half an hour or an hour, or is it better to shut it off and
re-start it?

Does the process of turning it on and off cause more wear and tear than
leaving it on?

Your advice would be appreciated.

Re: Sony picture tube preservation

K wrote:
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Not only a CRT, generally too many turning power on/off on any
electronic device is not a good idea. Surge current is hard on the
components including the tube.

Re: Sony picture tube preservation

  Many unsubstantiated myths will claim that power cycling is
destructive.  They are correct.  And then we apply numbers to their
reasoning.  Damage will occur in maybe twenty or one hundred years from
now.  They make claims, and conveniently forget to include numbers.

  If they were correct, then you must leave on light bulbs, radios,
TVs, your car, etc.  These too would be frequently damaged by power

  Logic for leaving things powered is same logic that says power
cycling destroys incandescent bulbs.  That too is correct if your only
knowledge comes from observation - no comprehension of underlying
technologies.  Those who know better first learn why incandescent bulbs
fail AND consult industry data sheets.  IOW the observation is wrong
because it violates fundamental concepts taught in junior high school
science.  Observation alone is necessary to promote junk science
reasoning.  Observation also created other great wisdoms such as
spontaneous reproduction.

  Back to your TV display.  Power it off when done.  Power cycling is
only destructive when junk science reasoning ignores manufacturer data
sheets, reasons for why things fail, and, most damning - provides no

K wrote:
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Re: Sony picture tube preservation

w_tom wrote:
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Are you talking from actual and professional experience?
Many good electronic devices have protective circuits built-in to
prevent transient spikes risk when power cycling occurs.
One example is holding the power supply from waking up until the circuit
stabilizes. You can see that in computer power supplies as an example.
No doubt transient spikes are harmful at least on theory.
Just watch filament of CRT when power is applied. It glows brighter than
normal when power is turned on and it settles down to normal brightness
after few seconds. What does that brighter than normal mean?
Tony, VE6CGX

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