Sirius home kits? universal?

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my sister and brother in law just set up their cars with sirius radio. they
are interested in also getting a home kit for it, but the problem is they
both have different reciever units for it. my question is, do they make a
universal home kit that will work with nay of the radio's. can you "make"
oen yourself (they don't really need a plastic dock, I guess just an antenna
and power cable that can plug into a 110 outlet. has anyone done this. the
problem is if one of them gets home and wants to listen to sirius, one of
their radio's won't work if they have a home dock thats ment for the toehrs
radio (if you follow me) any input would be appreciated. thanks


Re: Sirius home kits? universal?

Items are all over ebay, search for sirius home docking station.  Many are
hard to come buy this week, gee, i wonder why!! =

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Re: Sirius home kits? universal?

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yeah the problem with that is that all of thsoe docks are for spacific
radio's, I'm looking for a universal one (that will work with mroe than 1
different kind of reciever.

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