Sanyo Fisher FVD-C1 Pocket Camera/Corder Review

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<span class="ev_text_normal">Sanyo Fisher FVD-C1 Pocket CameraCorder<br>
</span><span class="ev_text_normal">Review:<br>
I have been waiting over a year
for a camera/camcorder device and was about to give up hope and just
buy a plain digital camcorder... Then I found someone who knew what I
was looking for - Sanyo understood the obvious with this
Fisher--consumers want to combine the camera and camcorder into a
single product that they can take anywhere easily and use with either a
computer, TV or edit within the camera. <br>
Even more important
the ability to -- PUT IT IN YOUR POCKET! I have taken more video in the
last two months that I have owned this then I have in the last 10
years!!! I always have it with me!!! So due to it size, you don't just
get cool technology, you get to have it with you when you need it!!<br>
gives you 3 mega pixels, 2 mega pixels and .3 mega pixels. The
rendering is exceptional And dvd-like it is--SANYO is the only one to
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