repeated hook-up problem

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What is going on?

I have a cheap Jensen TV, a cheap Polaroid DVD, and an ancient JVC VCR.

I hook the VCR to input #1 (composite) with no problem.
I hook DVD to "DVD" input (component) and I get blue screen.
I repeat with composite input #2 and I get a blue screen.
I repeat with S-video and I get a blue sceen
I repeat with the 2 different composites, if I unplug the VCR and use
composite #1 the DVD works, if I plug the DVD into composite #2 (front
panel) the VCR works but the DVD still doesn't.

I have try two of these TVs and this is the 2nd (different brand) DVD
I've used.

What the is going wrong?


PS: My main system is a Marantz intergrated recvr with HD and all the
bells. I hooked it up by myself without a problem...

Thanks in advance.

Re: repeated hook-up problem

bmitd67 wrote:

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Are you selecting correct input on your TV?

Re: repeated hook-up problem

The AV select button is pretty explicit...


Re: repeated hook-up problem

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There are a number of possibilities.  What is the exact model number
of the TV and is the manual available on line?

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